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coffee : aftermath
January 10, 2017


It is finally twenty seventeen. Life is so far, good enough. New resolutions are on my mind since November last year and I have been trying so hard to make it real since then. I officially wrote them down on 31st December though, I do not know why I did that when I did not the first time I thought about it.

While most of people I know said 2016 was all about sadness, confusion—for me it was all about desire. Desire to fight, to be happy—to succeed. Hence why we felt a bit sad and confusedbecause we hoped for the better.

I have been on and offactive and notfor the past few weeks. I also tried to finish what I started, which is my fiction story, Different Stories. But I came to realize that Different Stories has complicated background stories after all. Due to thatI assume is why I still struggle to find the ending. Happy ending, I mean.

Being sick is another factor that caused me to neglect my fics. Though I have been consuming medicine, nothing I can really do about it. But I will try my best to finish it as soon as possible coughs and other fics coughs.
All I can do is try and give my best. But it doesn't mean I would finish it.
The blog has the new face. Thanks to wanaseoby for the tutorial btw. I forgot a lot about html/css codes by now urgh. Let's not talk about Photoshop, because I left that one for months already. This is what school does to you, surprise! Lol.

Since I am technically eighteen, being eighteen is weird. It sounds old. So far, I do not know the difference except that it is a little bit awkward. It is a new thing after all. I got a call from CUCMS yesterday asking me if I will come for registration. I said no. Not sure whether to regret it or not. But what's done is done. Let's see what happens next.

Until then,


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