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coffee : reflection
March 9, 2017


I've been living my life quite good for the past few weeks. Being productive is something I enjoy doing lately, hence why I installed Forest : Stay Focused app a few days ago after hesitating a few times.

It is March, a week away from getting my SPM result. Nervewrecking, yes. But I currently have another things to worry about. Getting a driving license for example. Reading the book is tiring me up, so I took three days to finish KPP01. There's like two hundred pages left, I'm struggling lol.
Shoutout to those who don't like studying but end up doing it anyways. Same fate, bro.
I've started bullet journaling since February. Keeping away as much as trackers as I can and so far I only weight tracker, because I need to control my weight. Bullet journal keeps me on track, to get things for the day done and it's good. Hand-lettering though, is another entire different thing. I need to improve my handwriting, and I will soon.

I wish best of everything to those who are struggling to get through their day. Including me.

Until next post,


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