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mind talks : keep moving
September 29, 2016

It has come to a day where everything feels hopeless. Sometimes happiness is there but most of the time, emptiness accompanies my heart.

Helping people around so far has been--for the lack of words--fun. It's satisfying to see that we are still useful despite many bumps in the road, we are still needed on this surface of Earth. Some call these thoughts suicidal, I call it motivational. Because really, who we are to judge others' way of thinking? Maybe they survived like that, so long as it's not dangerous or wrong, I can't seem to argue about that.


These are important, of course. Sometimes we need variety of opinions to compared with each other and find the best option. Except, the chosen opinion isn't fact. It never is. I am not here to blame you for having your opinion which isn't picked as the best one but nor do I want to complain how your opinion should be the one chosen instead.

Freedom. We all have that, what most call, freedom of speech. Yeah, we all have that. And here I am using that, because my opinions are just that. Opinions, nothing else. Whether to accept it or not, it is for individual to decide. Because, no one has the right to force his opinions on others.

Sometimes we need time alone just to think carefully over our options, just to make sure we won't turn back around in the future with regret fills our heart. For those who I've hurt both consciously and unconsciously, I apologize.

It came to me one day, completely refreshed my mind that no, there's no use of giving up. I would gain nothing by giving up. So now, why wouldn't we get up and move on. Apologize for past mistakes and walk straight ahead. There's no use in dwelling over the past. At least we have improvements, right?


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