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mind talks : doubts
October 3, 2016

          A side of me wants to discover my limits. Another side of me just wants to lay back. Appreciate whatever I have right now. Do things that I actually enjoy doing. Not just things that I do to reach everyone's expectations.

Thoughts are sometimes too deep. Even my thoughts are too hard to comprehend at times. They just appear out of nowhere. We barely are prepared for them. Sometimes, we don't even dodge them.

Why is there always a doubt? Knowing that we can try but still think we can't, why do we do that? Why doubt exists in the first place?

          My doubts appear a lot during classes, in between classes, heck even during my free time. Why can't I just believe myself?


Expectations are what people believe in you. It is both good and bad. It is motivating yet a burden. A source of headache yet it is what keeps us going. What's pushing us forward.

It is said that expectations are the source of headache.

I have an exam in a month. Should be on a hiatus now, but no, I need to keep myself sane.
Until then, adios.


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