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rants : work hard
December 6, 2016

What defines hard work? How do you know who works hard?

What kind of level does your 'hard work' term is on to the point you can say these people deserve awards for their hard work and other people don't? I keep on wondering, what really defines 'work hard' to you?

Society teaches us to work hard for our own success, our peak of life. Mostly, what they meant by work hard is getting a good enough result in our exams and pursuing our study in universities or colleges, get a job and get married. But then, when there is someone that walks on entirely different path from what they call 'path to success', they call him stupid. Unworthy.

Unworthy. Define that word for me, please. What are them to talk about others' worth? Now, tell me. Do you thing you are worthy?

"Are you ranting now because of a kpop group?"

To be very honest with you, I am not talking about a kpop group. Sure, they are the reason why I start to wonder on these things, but they are just that in this topic. A trigger.

"Judging me through my music taste, how pathetic." is what I wanted to say so bad numerous times already.

Now, looking back. There are a lot of people who were surprised when they found out I am into Korean idols. Why? Because I never seemed to enjoy music with all the studies and school activities I took part in. They thought I did not need to work hard for exams as I seemed like I didn't enjoy doing anything else on my free time(I did mentioned I didn't watch television much at home). Which leads me into the first question of this entry. What defines hark work? How do we know which person works hard and which doesn't?

To know society put us into labels and categories made me feel sick. How sick can society be? Is it wrong to take a different path, an individual way even if the end will be the same still? Is there a real need to put someone's worth when we don't even know him for real?

I hate people who judge so much that I block them off my life. But then when it's only you who stay unblocked, what can else you do except thinking? Overthinking kills, sure. But do we really have an option when it's only us who understand our point of view?


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